Federal Government and Public Affairs

The Gaboton Group has proven itself as one of Washington’s premier independent advocacy resource.
From legislative and regulatory affairs to communications and government marketing and procurement, The Gaboton Group has helped corporations, individuals, municipal governments, associations, and alliances meet their government affairs goals. The measure of our success is the tenure of our client representation – many with us for nearly 10 years.
Drawing on the expertise of Founder and President, Joshua J. Gaboton, The Gaboton Group provides effective representation and advocacy to government decision-makers.
The Firm’s bipartisan reputation, combined with our high standards of excellence, command attention from senior level decision-makers in the Administration, the Halls of Congress, and offices of every department and agency throughout the federal government.
Notably, The Gaboton Group was named one of Washington’s Premiere and Influential Lobby Firms – based on our successful leadership in representing the government and public affairs needs of America’s communities.

With Washington's legislative and regulatory maze, it is vital to have a firm represent your federal agenda every day. Our expertise, bipartisan profile, and extensive knowledge of the process by which public policy is made, both inside and outside the Beltway, ensures that our clients achieve success.